1/25/2019 BOYCOTT Talks: Henning Wagenbreth

Boycott Talks – we invite illustrators, designers or artist to talk about their work in a specific context. Our guests will cover a wide range of topics from animation, book illustration, editorial design, to styles, techniques, and inspiration. This month we have a very special guest coming over from Berlin! We have invited Henning Wagenbreth, one of the most respected and influential visual artists in Europe to talk about illustration and design. One of the themes will be interpretation of text through illustrations & importance of simplicity and discipline in one’s work. Since 1994 he has been also a professor of Illustration at the University of Arts in Berlin. After the talk, Henning Wagenbreth and Sophia Martineck (The Mazookas) will play their “illustrated” folk music from Eastern Europe to West America. The shows features strange songs & unusual instruments. Program: 19.00 Start of Wagenbreth’s presentation 20.00-20.30 Wagenbreth’s’ favorite picture/comic/ illustrated books 20.30 – 21.00 Q&A 21.00 Drinks & books signing! 22.00 The Mazookas performance